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About Best Touches

Best means Balance, Energy, Stimulation and Transformation I offer private one to one yoga, Deep tissue, Therapeutic, Bamboo, Body Dynamic Stretch and Deep Tissue massages

Wendy Nakamoto

Wendy Nakamoto is a graduate of Tennessee School of Massage Therapy. She loves to learn and has studied many different massage techniques such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, MPS scar tissue release and Sports Massage. She is certified in Dynamic Body Stretch, Bamboo-Fusion and Thai Massage. Her mission in life is always searching for the one special techique or tool to help her client feel the best. Her practice is unique in that in each massage session, she uses different tools to help to achieve that end. Some of the tools she uses are the Rapid Release vibrator, Dolphin E- Stim stumulator, Cupping, Bamboo, hot stones. She will incorporate a fusion of Thai massage, Swedish, Muscle Energy Technique, Rocking and many more in the treatment. Her mission is to help you find relieve in pain relieve, whether it is from the neck, shoulder or lower back. If you have any discomforts or feeling frozen or stuck, please give me a call and I will do my best for you.

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900 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33701


Yoga Private one to one session Through yoga i can help you understand your body so you can find balance, increase strengths and flexibility. $60.00 60 Minutes Book Now